Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Can't He be more Like Me?

Why Can't He be More Like me is a Christian self-help book for couples, specifically women. I thought this would be an interesting book and I was curious to read this. This book is great! The author uses Gods word to help the reader understand God's design for marriage. Each chapter has quizzes, places to write things down, advice and each chapter ends with a prayer.

I like that this book is easy to read/understand and has great advice on many different topics including;  handling money, the way you/your spouse is raised, communication, sex, handling conflict and difficult emotions . The author is very honest in this book and guides people to seek professional help if the problem is bigger than themselves like traumatic events and abuse.

This book would be great for a newly engaged couple before they tie the knot or someone who is recently married and doesn't understand why their spouse behaves/ reacts a certain way. This book is very helpful, insightful and full of wisdom. This book is broken up into different sections and is very easy to read. 

I wish I would have read this book as an engaged person, it would have been very helpful in understanding how to solve certain conflicts and understanding the way my husband is wired. 
  Recommendations: I would totally recommend this book to someone who is having marital difficulties, one is newly engaged or newly married.

Thank you to Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book!


poppy smith said...

Thanks so much for your review. I wish I had read this book before I married, also! I just really want to help women avoid so much of the hurt and confusion and anger that can come when your dream relationship has rocks in the road!
Poppy Smith

Sarah said...

Thank you Poppy! It was great book! You offer so much great advice and very helpful. Love it.. I will be keeping this one on my shelf!