Monday, April 23, 2012

Shoe shopping turns into the dreaded suit shopping..

Yesterday, after having Dinner with Drew's  parents we needed to go the mall for running shoes... I need a new pair of running shoes badly..... Well, we didn't find shoes, but instead started looking at swimsuits.. .I need a new one of these too...

Are you like me and dread swim suit shopping? I HATE it!  Usually, I never find a suit I like or if I do, I wear it for years until I am forced to find something new. Last year my favorite Tankini with brown and Pink polka dots got all snaggy.. You know when the material starts to snag on things and then it doesn't look right? .. Sad face... I bought a suite that was mediocre last year  because I needed one.. 
Usually, swim suits show way to much skin or aren't modest enough. Especially since Drew and I have been going to the Y, I have been wearing my 1 piece boring black Speedo. I am not the type that will just wear any swimsuit in public and I don't think it is quite appropriate either to wear certain ones..
I was so ecstatic when I found this one piece that looks like a two piece! It so flattering and cute.... The strap around the neck comes off too..  As I had it in my hand at the store, another girl in her twenties asked me where I got it on the rack and she tried it on too.. 

I hadn't even purchased it yet and someone else wanted it too!! Made me feel quite good to know I have taste when it comes to swim suits.

Drew said this was the easiest swimsuit shopping he has ever seen. He has gone several times in the past two years.. He knows how FRUSTRATING the shopping can be.. He was so happy to be in and out of the store.......

Where do you buy your swimsuits? Do you have a difficult time finding a suit???

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