Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rest Easy, Mom is going to be okay

Over the past two months, Mom has been having severe headaches, memory loss, tingling in the brain and feeling light headed. She had two lumps on both sides of head. Immediately, your mind goes to the worst possible situation.. Does she have cancer or a brain tumor? The more your mind goes, the more you can't concentrate on life...

  Finally, I was fed up and made a doctor appointment for her. .She is more stubborn than I am.. Shocking, I know. 

Well, Mom went to see MY neurologist and the reason for the Lumps is because Mom had a head trauma injury back in November. You may have remembered that the tip of an iron cut the back of her head.. At that point she didn't have any brain- injury symptoms and sometimes it can happen later.. Odd, I think..

Anywho,  the lumps are due to inflammation in her brain and they are doing treatment along with medication. She should start feeling better in the next couple of weeks and upcoming months as she gets cortisone shots to the brain..

My heart is so relieved.. I can rest easy now.. Thank you, God!

Also, I am officially registered for May 12, 2012 RIVERBANK RUN! (25K) Wahoo!

35th Anniversary Fifth Third River Bank Run

Happy Tuesday!

How has your day been?

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