Monday, April 9, 2012

Post Easter

I got a lot to update.. Bare with me.. 

Saturday was our last day with Connor and Sidney!  We took them to to an Easter Egg hunt in the morning. .They had a blast..
 We got a cute "family" picture together.. What a Spring Break! One I will not forget!
I learned a lot about parenting and God continues to remind me that I am NOT ready yet!

After we picked up the Marcheks from the airport, Drew and I head to half off Apps at Applebees. It felt so weird to not have to worry about two children. Upon arriving home...

Drew had bought me an Easter Basket!! Love that husband! 
 He bought me " We Bought a Zoo." I can't wait to watch it this upcoming weekend..

  Of course, Mickey bubbles! Love it... Love him so much!!!

In other news, Drew and I are trying to decide where we should go on vacation this summer.. We try to take a vacation every year. .It doesn't have to be big, but this summer we really want another summer adventure..... All of our sitting money goes towards a vacation. .We don't touch that money..  We spent our entire Spring Break babysitting, so we got a nice chunk of change in our vacation fund...

A cruise?
A trip to Mackinaw?

I'm not sure what we will do this summer.. I hope it is fun though! 

What is the best place you have traveled?


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