Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh, MY!

Drew and I have the privilege of watching Connor and Sidney over Spring Break. Watching them for 9 days comes at a Price tag.. They are the type of kiddos that need major entertainment! Usually when we watch them we go non-stop!

So.. off to the Detroit Zoo we go.. .( It's about 3 hrs from where we live)

Look at these cute penguins, I mean kids! 

Check out the mouth of that Croc! I wouldn't want to be near him during lunch.
One Chomp and you would be a gonner! 

In the Seal and Polar Bear Artic... We had fun watching the seals.. The polar bears were sleeping..

Love him so much. Great Husband. Best Friend. Enough said!

If only I were tall enough... Some day I'll grow...

We took a ton more pictures, but these are my favorites! What a cool zoo..

After we got home, I needed to do a recovery run..  Ran 2.5 miles and my knee is really bugging me.. Badly.. It is very painful.. Will have to rest it.... 

What do you do to entertain your kids??? How do you recover from long workouts?


KelseyJ said...

Wow...trip to Detroit is pretty ambitious. Lucky kids to get to spend so much fun time with the Storms! :)

Sarah said...

HA! I didn't realize kids like to be up my 7:30 am.. Not getting much sleep this Spring Break.. lol.. more pictures and stories to come...

rosen said...

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