Monday, April 2, 2012

Just another Day

The kids are already starting to say "when is mom coming home", which is never a good sign, especially since we have them for SIX more days! 

I was hoping that by keeping them busy, they wouldn't have time to think about missing their parents, but being a four year old, that could happen pretty quickly.

Sidney is missing her parents ALOT! 

We took the kids to our church.. Now, you know we don't have kids, so we have never stepped foot into Children's Church. The church we go to is HUGE! Like the size of an airport.. Honestly, we love our church, but Children's Church is a whole new WORLD! At our old church, we were involved in Children's Ministry, but personally, I am burnt out from kids..

I work with high-stress and high-need kids all day! So, the last thing I want to do, is help out at Church.. God's working on me though.. Give me some time..  

Children's Church was somewhat a success. .We only got our number up once! lol... 

Then after church, we headed to Michael's!Big mistake! These kiddo's wanted to buy everything.. They had a hard time deciding what craft they wanted..

After Michael's, we decided to brave the mall. The kids love to play in the play area at the mall. Personally,  I think it is gross! Think of how many germs are on those toys! EW! 

Off to Barnes & Nobles we went after playing on the mall Toy Food.. The kids each got a book!
 I love kids, but I don't know that I am cut out for this whole parenting thing, if you know what I mean.. I seriously keep reconsidering the whole "lets have kids" idea.. They are EXPENSIVE and a TON of work... 

I keep saying to Drew "no", not for me.. Not going to happen... Oh, the joys of parenthood!!

What is everyone else doing over their Spring Break? If you're a parent, do you recommend having kids?

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