Thursday, April 5, 2012

A heart of Gratitude

Drew and I have been exhausted taking care of Connor and Sidney. They have a lot of energy and are used to going all the time. I am a go-getter and believe me, sometimes Drew thinks I am ADHD because I can't sit still, but these kiddos have triple the energy I do.

As we have been babysitting them for the 9 days, we are learning that God wants us to have a heart of gratitude. We are really trying to make these kids say "please" and "thank you" for everything they get to buy or get to do. Often, they struggle with being grateful and wanting more. How many of us are like that?

I feel like being a young, married, broke couple, that I am grateful for everything, but I need to be more thankful.. Sometimes my circumstance challenges my heart of gratitude. 

  In every circumstance, situation, challenge, we need to be grateful for what is in front of us. Why would God want to bless people who are ungrateful? If we don't have a heart of thanksgiving, then why would we get more? God is teaching both Drew and I, gratitude, contentment and peace. 

We are learning that being a giver doesn't always mean the person is going to be thankful for what we do. Even if the person isn't thankful, our response shouldn't be to withhold helping them in the future. We are called to help people and be a light! I think God is like this too. He knows our response and yet still loves us! 

Top 10 things I'm grateful for:
1) A Savior
2)Roof over my head
3) Health- doctors, medications
4) Jobs
5) Food in my pantry
6) Love/ Husband
7) Family
8) Friends
9) Clothing
10) Having hands, feet, eyes, ears and a nose that all work!

What are your Top 10 things?? What are you grateful for??

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