Friday, April 13, 2012

Does 5 Minutes make a difference?

Are you busy? Are you always looking for ways to spend more time with God, but somehow that gets pushed aside? Well aside from spending time in the word, which I totally recommend, I found this great devotional that will take 5 minutes.

Can you spare 5 minutes?  If you're a busy mom or want a quick read at the office, "This Morning with God" is the perfect devotional to spend quality time with God. Each devotional is about 3 pages long and has writing space for your response, prayer and praise. I love this devotional because it helps me focus on my prayers, but also on good things that I see God doing in my life. It allows me to be more THANKFUL! 
 This Morning with God: Devotions to Fill a Woman's Spirit

I realize how ungrateful I can be and this is a great reminder! This devotionals will inspire you, give you direction and peace, as you seek wisdom from God. Some of the topics included are love, fear, boldness, faithfulness, beauty, wisdom, humility, peace and so much more! 

Does 5 minutes make a difference in your walk with the Lord? I know it has for me!

Thank you Harvest House Publisher for this great devotional!

What is your favorite devotional?

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