Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Cruise or WDW??

What would you do?


Krystle said...

Well, you CAN do both ya know!
A Disney cruise :)

You've done Disney....I'd say a cruise!
Go someplace super tropical or do the European route!

Andrew Storm said...

You know my vote! So Excited to go again!!

Kevin and Betsey said...

Cruises are fun! We just went on one this past Febraury. You get to go to a bunch of places/ports, the ships have so much on them for you to do (activities, pools, rock wall, mini golf, etc), and you get to eat great food! :)
Kevin has gotten sea sick before, so he takes meds when we go and does great the entire time.
I heard Disney cruises are really fun! We want to take our boys on one.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just saw your comment on my blog! thanks for checking it out and come back and follow me if you haven't! I love having followers! I have been to WDW twice for honeymoon and anniversary and I LOVE IT!!! I want to go back so bad, but we are trying to save money for a house. I have heard the cruises are amazing, but I am not sure about the getting sea sick part. I know to get the sea sick bands and those help a lot!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the comments... I will post about who won this decision!