Saturday, April 28, 2012

Congratulations, YOU did it!

 Happy Saturday!  Congratulations, you made it to the weekend! I never thought it would come! 

Yesterday, after my interview, I quickly drove over to my parents house in order to get downtown to see my older brother, Matt graduate from JRCC.  This accomplishment has taken Matt on a different road and he has had to over come many obstacles in his path. He will be continuing his education this summer and next fall to get an associates in Business Management. I am very proud of his accomplishments.. His class ranged from Eighteen years of age to Sixty Seven!  Amazing! I cannot imagine at the ripe age of 67, wanting to start all over again!

During the graduation speech, I usually get emotional. I have been through three of my own, two of my husbands and now my brother.  This speech has been the best. 

The speaker talked about living each day as your last day.. Now, I have heard people talk about this topic several times, yet I don't seem to live this way. I have even read books on this topic and still fail to live this way....

The speaker said something and it spoke Volumes!  Listen up...

"If today was your last day, would you be doing, what you do every day? If what you are doing today, is something that you would not want to waste your last day on planet earth doing, than why are you doing it"?

 Did anyone feel the ground shake a little as they read that??? Hello, I know I did... Why do we do, what we don't love and why do we spend our days worrying about the small stuff?

 The speech was a great reminder to have my priorites in check. It hit to me do what I love... The question in my head became, what do I love?  

My challenge has become, what do I love in life and why am I not doing more of it?

I then began to think of the sixty seven year old graduate, did she realize she wasn't loving what she was doing each day? Did God have a different purpose for her and she had never tapped into it? I cannot even begin to fathom that courage! 

What do you love? Are you doing it everyday? If you aren't what is hindering you from it? 

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Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

CONGRATS to your brother! I am finally doing what I love and couldn't wake up happier every day! Speaking of doing what I love, I have a huge exam on Monday--pray that I pass! I'm HORRIBLE at timed tests. :)