Friday, April 20, 2012

Catch up + Weekend

Happy Friday! I can't even believe it is already FRIDAY!! Where did the week go? I feel like this week has flown on by.. 

Drew has officially signed up for his first 5k!! He has never been much of a runner, but is becoming inspired.. I am so excited for him!

This week we have spent a lot of time at our local YMCA using their pool. I forgot how much I enjoy the pool. We both are enjoying it and try to have lap races in the pool. That is motivating be to stay focused on health and weight loss goals. In the process, I have been counting my WW points. I am hoping to have a loss next week... We will see..

The weather has been very rainy here, so I am catching up on some good reads..

My weekend plans include...

Trying to get a 12 mile run in..

Reading the Hunger Games..

Watching Friends

Spending quality time with my husband..

What are your weekend plans? 



Krystle said...

Nice work!!

I am hoping for a loss too!! Good job girl!

I haven't run since my 10 miles....I feel burnt out lol!

Sarah said...

I know exactly how you feel... Sometimes when I run so much, I get burnt out too.. I only ran 1x this week.. Swimming has been a good distraction and it feels so good on the joints.. I recommend it!