Thursday, March 15, 2012

You've got to be joking!

Had a rough day.. It started at 3am when I woke up feeling sick... Sick to my stomach. .It's this feeling that has been happening after all my runs... Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to do some billing and finally paid off our HUGE medical bill.. Paying that off, felt like a huge success.

Then, driving home from work and on the phone with my mom... The hot thermostat light started yelling at me and flashing. I decided to pull over to see what the problem was.. And then... I saw the green/yellow coolant fluid all over the Walgreen's parking lot..  It's safe to say, I completely LOST it.  Just started crying like a baby.

Called the husband....
I wasn't this happy when I called! Don't let this picture fool you! I was in tears and he talked me through to call the TOW truck.. I was so angry. Why? 

Because are working so HARD to get out of DEBT and it seems to KEEP finding US!! GO AWAY!
Hospital BILL   PAID
Lease- Partial
Chiropractor- Not paid.. He's going to have to wait..

And now.. .WE WAIT..

To find out the damage of the bug.. 

The worry part of being is going nuts, but God want's me to trust him! God, please let it be manageable! Thank you! I am trusting YOU!

Wait till you hear this one....

 Husband came home and says "I think we've got a flat tire on the Vibe" and I said "You've got to be joking!" Sure enough, we had a FLAT!  Could this day go right?


Britt said...

and then your ipod crashed? you poor girl!!

Pamila said...

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Sarah said...

Yes, the ipod crashed too. .Sigh..

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