Monday, March 19, 2012

Women Counseling Women Book Review

Women Counseling Women is a book that can be used for self use or for counseling others.

Ideally, I could see this book being very beneficial for a pastor's wife, women's group leader, minister, or anyone dealing with the delicate emotions of women. 

This book touches on many topics including: 

Eating Disorders
Being a care-giver
Single parenting
Handling Teenagers
Difficult Habits
Generational Sin

and much more...

This is a book that you do not read cover to cover, but is good to have as a reference. If someone you know is in ministry with women or deals with women in a counseling role, this book is perfect. I am excited to have this book on my shelf. Working with females everyday, this book has brought some insight to topics that I see them face and personal struggles I face. 

I believe that this a great tool for anyone in a helping profession. I rate this a 4/5!

 This book was provided to me by Harvest House Publishers. This is my honest opinion. 

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