Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 10 Things I'm loving in March

In an effort to enjoy the small things in life... These are my top 10 things I am loving this month..

1) Watching 20 Kids and Counting: Have you heard of the Duggar family? I love how they stand up for their values! Our society needs more people like this! 
Check them out here!!!

2) I am loving the Sham Rock Shakes I posted earlier, this month..

3) My favorite book this month was... Simple Secrets to a Simple Life

4) Zumba- I am loving this! It is something different than all of my running.. Change is good.

5) Reading my Bible- I am reading the Bible in a year and I am truly enjoying spending time in everyday.. This is the first time where I haven't given up half way through. I know that I have truly created a habit!

6) I have been addicted to this song... It has such a great beat!! Big Daddy Weave: "Love Come to Life"

7) This picture! 

 I love my crazy husband!

8) My neck massager. .This thing is heavenly for my neck.. Especially after long runs! 

9) Soul Surfer! Great movie!! 

10) Skyscanner- This is a great website to check on plane tickets.. It looks at all airlines.. I have been using it alot!! Checking out prices for plane tickets to Disney World... For future vacations!! 

What have you been loving this month? 

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