Sunday, March 25, 2012

To be honest, I thought I was an organized person unitl, I got married! 
Being married to Drew, has made me realized I am more messy, that I thought.
Sometimes I can be a complete pig! I leave stuff every where. Some days are better than others.Thankfully, he can look past it, although it drives me nuts from time to time. I believe if we hada bigger space, things wouldn't feel so cluttered. A 1 bedroom apartment is hard to live in for two peopleand not feel cluttered! If one thing is out of place, the whole apartment can be a complete mess!

I have been working hard at organizing. It's no wonder that I needed to read "365 Ways to Organize Everything."

The title isn't kidding when it says "everything." If you want to know how to organize something, this book has great answers. 

Written by Emilie Barnes and Sheri Torelli, this book helps you organize your "stuff", your money, the best time of the season to purchase certain items, when you should buy bulk, what items should be on hand in the kitchen, how to organize your organizer to be more sufficient! This book is wonderful. It is broken into chapters, which allows you to move from one area of the house to another. I have this book highlighted and noted by things I want to do and things I have already done.

They are simple tasks to! Often, I get some OVERWHELMED that I quit, but this book makes you take things piece by piece. If you're looking for a good Spring clean book, this is it!

Thank you Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book!

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