Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How do you grow a blog?

Over the past three months, I have made efforts to grow my blog, but I still feel STUCK!

What are some of your greatest tips in growing your blog? 

Do you post more often? 
Do you hold give-aways?
Should I future other bloggers?
Are my topics boring?
Is their a network I am unaware of ?
Should I host my own site??

Give me some feedback.. Gentle please!

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Unknown said...

I can't answer from the experience of a blogger, but I know I've found some of the blogs I read by following other people's comments on posts. If they say something interesting or funny, etc. I'll click over to check it out.

Sarah said...

I need to get more better at commenting on other blogs. .It can be so hard to keep up with your own, have a life, work full time and run all the time. .I don't know how these bloggers do it! I don't even have kids.. lol.