Friday, March 23, 2012

Grammy Turns 74

Yesterday, marks my Grandma's 74th Birthday! She would kill me if she knew I was posting these online. She is one of those Grandma's that doesn't own a computer and wouldn't even begin to know how to operate one. It's really funny that she is talking on a cell-phone in this picture.. Oh, Grandma! We decided to celebrate by going out to Arby's! My Grandma likes to eat there, Wendy's and Subway .... Silly Grandma!

My mom got Grandma some pretty flowers and something else, I can't remember what it was.. Maybe, I am the one that is 74! Lol.. Drew and I bought her a gift card to Bath & Body Works. She has  NEVER been there before!! What?? I told her $25 might not be enough for her FIRST trip.. She laughed! Oh, Grandma! 

           And then... It's the two of us..  Sisters can be a lot of trouble together. Luckily for mom and Grandma, we were on our best behavior! My sister is 16! It's so weird! When did she grow up? 

I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another year with my Grandma! Happy Birthday Grammie! I love you!

Who are you thankful for in your life?


Elsha said...

k that disneyland picture on your header is so stinkin cute! and you are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Awwe.. Thank you! You're so sweet!