Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Golden Anniversary

I don't begin to even understand what it is like to be married to someone for fifty years! Drew's grandparents celebrated fifty years this month! What an amazing milestone!

They marked their 50th anniversary by going on a cruise!  They live in Arizona for the winter and will return back to Michigan sometime in May! I am super excited to hear about their cruise. I know they had a great time. 

We are celebrating their 50th this July! I have been working on a special gift for them.. I love to scrapbook, so I have been making them a mini- scrapbook of our wedding!! You can see some pages below...

They don't read my blog, so I'm not worried about them seeing these! I am almost finished.. I need to order a couple more pictures, but overall, this scrapbook is done! I am super excited to give it to them!  I want to make a scrapbook for everyone, but that takes a lot of time.. The grandparents don't want any gifts for their anniversary, they just want us ALL to be there!

What milestones have you been apart of? What are some of your greatest memories?

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