Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The floor, the floor, the floor is on Fire

I went on a 3 mile run and it completely STUNK! I am so sick of the crazy WIND!! Either way, I finished and it's one step closer to the 25k I am running in MAY!

That reminds me.. I need to actually sign up for the race.. Note to self..

Also, this evening I did a little ZUMBA!! The song that I love has lyrics that go.. "The floor, the floor, the floor is on fire.. Let it burn, let it burn." It is so fast. .I never thought I would be much of a Zumba fan, but I am slowly getting the rhythm. Have you tried Zumba? 

As I posted last week, I am on a weight loss journey... I am trying to lose a good 20pds before summer.. Drew took a picture of me last week and I wanted to take pictures week by week to watch my journey..

So here it is... 

(Last week)

This week!! 

Are you noticing any results??? My stomach looks more pulled in.. Is that me just trying to be positive or do you see it too?? I don't notice much more.. My arms looks bigger.. What happened there??? 

This is such a random post.. I just wanted to keep blogging about my exercise journey.. 

What new exercise or food are you loving?


Britt said...

You're tummy does look smaller, the picture was taken from a different angle.... so that might be why!

Sarah said...

Thanks Brit! I was hoping I actually lost weight.. Maybe it is the angle!