Monday, March 19, 2012

Catch Up on a day off

Last week was a very challenging week both emotionally and spiritually. Although things did not go the way I intended them too, I did have victory in completing a 10 mile run! 

I decided to take a day off from school and it has been so worth it!

This morning Drew and I went to the library, headed off to get some groceries and then stopped by Taco Bell to try the Doritos Taco! 

Was it good? Yes, but would I eat another? Not really! I love tacos, but this wasn't that great! Everyone has been saying how awesome they are, but I wasn't super impressed... What is your take ? Have you tried one?

Well, I have been battling losing weight on and off over the past couple of months. I am not getting anywhere and that is frustrating!!! Can I get an amen? I am realizing I got to switch it up. I need to do more weight lifting, yoga and other various cardio workouts. It is hard to be so dedicated, especially when I am trying to train for the River Bank 25k!  The training is grueling! 

This morning, Drew took several shots of my body in my two piece swim suit, which I rarely where in public and my hope is that by seeing these pictures, I will be motivated to lose weight before summer and keep it off. I was actually surprised by some of the pictures.. My mind thought I was more fat that I what I actually looked liked. .That was nice..
 The running is helping, but I need to do more core stuff.. My stomach is the hardest place to lose! 

Do you have any great weight loss tips? I need some motivation people!

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Be blessed today!


Krystle said...

I'm doing a WW challenge with a few friends, and also going to try Insanity on top of my runs! :)

And i think you look great!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the encouragement Krystle! I heard Insanity is crazy insane! Probably why it's called "Insanity'. I am doing the Body by Visalus shakes.. Two shakes a day.. I lost weight on ww.. I think I am going to do the shakes for a month.. Depends on how sick I get of them and then start back on ww.. I just want a weight loss boost! You're hardcore woman!