Friday, March 30, 2012

11 miles + Instant Family= Kick off to Spring Break

Yesterday, I went running for 11 miles and I really struggled with the last 5 miles.. I really STRUGGLED! It was everything I had to keep going! My pace just sucked! My last two miles were at least 15 minute miles.. My body was SHOT!! 

Still smiling after running 11 miles.. Was so happy to complete! (It's hard to take a picture of yourself, especially when I have a fancy camera even with automatic timer)

 I also got this fancy new running skirt and I love it!! At first I wasn't sure if it was going to stay up or if I was going to chaf in between my fat thighs, but this was so comfortable! I love my new skirt! Plus it is so CUTE!! I need a workout pick me up.. Sometimes you have to buy new exercise gear to feel good about working out.

 I cannot wait to wear it again!!  I got a lot of looks on the street too.. Not sure if that is a good thing..

 Our new Instant Family!

 As I mentioned earlier this week, we are babysitting Sidney and Connor over Spring Break. Their parents are on a 7 day cruise! We agreed to watch them. I feel like I instantly gained a family. We get a mini-van for the week and the whole bit! Being a mom will be interesting! I am sure I will have a lot of stories to tell in the upcoming posts! Keep coming back! I might need THERAPY or ADVICE!

                                                            Happy Spring Break!

What are your plans for Spring Break??


Britt said...

Sarah! I have just recently started to jog, my mother in law (who is an every day runner) sent me some work out clothes in the mail and just wearing them makes me want to work out! I just got the running capri's in the mail today!! I love them!

Sarah said...

What a nice mother in law.. Tell her to send me some new ones! Keep it up ! Congrats on the new job too.. So excited for! God answers prayers!