Friday, March 30, 2012

11 miles + Instant Family= Kick off to Spring Break

Yesterday, I went running for 11 miles and I really struggled with the last 5 miles.. I really STRUGGLED! It was everything I had to keep going! My pace just sucked! My last two miles were at least 15 minute miles.. My body was SHOT!! 

Still smiling after running 11 miles.. Was so happy to complete! (It's hard to take a picture of yourself, especially when I have a fancy camera even with automatic timer)

 I also got this fancy new running skirt and I love it!! At first I wasn't sure if it was going to stay up or if I was going to chaf in between my fat thighs, but this was so comfortable! I love my new skirt! Plus it is so CUTE!! I need a workout pick me up.. Sometimes you have to buy new exercise gear to feel good about working out.

 I cannot wait to wear it again!!  I got a lot of looks on the street too.. Not sure if that is a good thing..

 Our new Instant Family!

 As I mentioned earlier this week, we are babysitting Sidney and Connor over Spring Break. Their parents are on a 7 day cruise! We agreed to watch them. I feel like I instantly gained a family. We get a mini-van for the week and the whole bit! Being a mom will be interesting! I am sure I will have a lot of stories to tell in the upcoming posts! Keep coming back! I might need THERAPY or ADVICE!

                                                            Happy Spring Break!

What are your plans for Spring Break??

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 10 Things I'm loving in March

In an effort to enjoy the small things in life... These are my top 10 things I am loving this month..

1) Watching 20 Kids and Counting: Have you heard of the Duggar family? I love how they stand up for their values! Our society needs more people like this! 
Check them out here!!!

2) I am loving the Sham Rock Shakes I posted earlier, this month..

3) My favorite book this month was... Simple Secrets to a Simple Life

4) Zumba- I am loving this! It is something different than all of my running.. Change is good.

5) Reading my Bible- I am reading the Bible in a year and I am truly enjoying spending time in everyday.. This is the first time where I haven't given up half way through. I know that I have truly created a habit!

6) I have been addicted to this song... It has such a great beat!! Big Daddy Weave: "Love Come to Life"

7) This picture! 

 I love my crazy husband!

8) My neck massager. .This thing is heavenly for my neck.. Especially after long runs! 

9) Soul Surfer! Great movie!! 

10) Skyscanner- This is a great website to check on plane tickets.. It looks at all airlines.. I have been using it alot!! Checking out prices for plane tickets to Disney World... For future vacations!! 

What have you been loving this month? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The floor, the floor, the floor is on Fire

I went on a 3 mile run and it completely STUNK! I am so sick of the crazy WIND!! Either way, I finished and it's one step closer to the 25k I am running in MAY!

That reminds me.. I need to actually sign up for the race.. Note to self..

Also, this evening I did a little ZUMBA!! The song that I love has lyrics that go.. "The floor, the floor, the floor is on fire.. Let it burn, let it burn." It is so fast. .I never thought I would be much of a Zumba fan, but I am slowly getting the rhythm. Have you tried Zumba? 

As I posted last week, I am on a weight loss journey... I am trying to lose a good 20pds before summer.. Drew took a picture of me last week and I wanted to take pictures week by week to watch my journey..

So here it is... 

(Last week)

This week!! 

Are you noticing any results??? My stomach looks more pulled in.. Is that me just trying to be positive or do you see it too?? I don't notice much more.. My arms looks bigger.. What happened there??? 

This is such a random post.. I just wanted to keep blogging about my exercise journey.. 

What new exercise or food are you loving?

A Stranger's Gift

A Stranger's Gift written by Pulitzer Prize Winner, Tom Hallman, Jr. is a book about faith.
When I received this book in the mail, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would this book deepen my faith or would this be another book on the shelf? I wasn't sure, but I have discovered this book is extraordinary. 

Tom Hallman has written a book that will engage you from the very beginning and will lead you to the finish line.  He utilizes everyday people with their stories of doubt, uncertainty  and insecurity to help the reader engage in the book. This book provides the reader relief in knowing he or she is not alone in their own doubts. This book allows the reader to feel human about their feelings of  doubts and dis-belief.  So often the church preaches that we must have faith in all circumstances, which is true, but sometimes when are walking through the valleys, we don't have the faith to sustain us. We do have doubts, we do have uncertainty! We're human! We're fallen! We are going to question things.. 

A Stranger's Gift 

What I love is that I don't feel judged by this book, but rather understood for my doubts and uncertainty. Instead of being shameful, we must realize as believers and humans, we're on a journey. We struggle, especially when dealt with difficult circumstances. I know on a personal level, I struggle and have doubts. This book made me aware that when it comes to faith we move forward and the two steps backward. Some times God answers are different than what we expect or think. Doubt happens! Overall, I come away from this book being understood as a human and understanding why others have doubt too. This book also propels to have a deeper faith  and trust in God. 

 I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Yogurt Candies?

A friend of mine told me about this yummie little recipe.. I thought I would try it..

First... you need...

Yogurt! Select whatever kind you like. I was hoping for some yummy Weight Watchers yogurt, but my grocery store did not have a good selection. I voted for the Strawberry Shortcake and it was delicious! 

Next you need...

                                 A plastic bag! This is what you will put your yogurt in.. 

You will take a spoon and scoop all yogurt into the bag. Then you will cut a corner of the bag and use it almost like an icing bag.

You need one cookie sheet..

You start making little drops on the cookie sheet. Put them in the freezer for one hour and then take out for a yummy treat! I ate all of them in one sitting! They are so easy to make, healthy and delicious! 

I recommend keeping them frozen when not eating them. They are yogurt and will turn back into liquid form if not kept in the freezer! Enjoy!

Simple. Tasty. Easy!

Love it! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dance to Find a Way Home

Finding Our Way Home is heartfelt book about a ballet dancer,(Sasha) who suffers a injury that jeopardizes her career in Ballet.  Initially, I was skeptical about this book, but after reading it, it is a nice novel for a car trip or a vacation. If you are looking for a book with a great story, this is the one.

Sasha has to leave her Ballet company in Boston to return home to Minnesota. While in Minnesota, Sasha hires a woman named Evelyn who is recently engaged to a man name Jordyn. The two woman could be nothing but opposite of one another. As the two woman go through different ups and downs, they realize they aren't so different after all.  Grace plays a huge role in both Sasha and Evelyns life. 

Sasha hasn't seen her husband and Evelyn wants to be married before going to college. This book has lots of ups and downs, but through it all, Evelyn and Sasha find great friendship, grace and healing in unexpected places.

Thank you Waterbrook for allowing me to review this book. The opinions expressed are my own. This is a cute little book! 

God Loves Broken People

How many of us are messed up???  *Raises hand*

I know that I am broken, I'm not complete and  I have burdens, bruises and un-forgiveness that only God can remove. 

Shelia Walsh writes in the introduction that if she could write on book, this would be it! As I began to read this book, I had a difficult time putting it down. Reading this book, makes me feel like Shelia and I are sitting at a coffee shop chatting the day away. 

This book is beautifully written and has a great balance between personal struggles and understand the process grief takes on while being biblical. Shelia uses stories from her life and the lives of others to help the reader understand how during pain, we can draw closer to God. She utilizes scripture and stories from the Bible that have gone through difficult situations. 

I love the raw honesty that Shelia brings to the table. She talks about real pain and struggles. She is honesty in saying that the journey is long and difficult. However, God's love is real, deep and vastly wide. Through scripture, Shelia shows the reader that God is near us in our darkest hour. 

This book is very encouraging to those who have gone through significant pain. God will use these times in our lives to help others on their journey. I would recommend this book to anyone. Whether you have gone through a significant loss or have had minor struggles, this book is for YOU! 

I received this book from booksneeze. I was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion! 

3 days+ Spring Break + 9 days of Kid watching= lots of great blog posts!

For this work week, I only have to work 3 days at school and then I am off for Spring Break.. But here's the catch......

                                                      I'm not really off from work.....

Drew and I have agreed to watch Connor & Sidney on Spring Break, while their parents are going on a cruise!

                                                           Meet Sidney! A.K.A Sidney Lou Hoo 
                                                               (That is our nickname for her)

                                                                 Meet the Knight,  Connor!
                                                           (We call him Connor Babonner!)

You're probably wondering why they are wearing their Halloween costumes? Well, we watched them in October, while their parents were in Las Vegas.

This Spring Break, we will be watching them for 9days! This is GREAT birth control! It makes me want to hold off having kids for a while.. They are so expensive! It is ridiculous! Plus children are equally challenging, especially when parents are gone.. I am looking forward to spending time with them and I am sure I will have a great stories to tell..

Keep watching for stories.. We start Friday morning! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Do you ever need a new Facebook picture? Or a new picture for the blog? I was feeling like I needed a new profile picture, so I had Drew take my picture.. I thought he did pretty good, especially since this was with our point and shoot camera, not our Nikon! I like it! 

I thought it would be fun to take a couple of pictures together. Does anyone notice a problem with these two? If you thought "Drew's head is cut off", you're right! My arms are too short and he is too tall.. haha.. I still think they are fun..  He's not gonna like them... That's okay! 

Hope you guys have a great Sunday! We just got back from church and are watching Vegas Vacation! Have a great and relaxing Sunday! 

What are you doing today?
To be honest, I thought I was an organized person unitl, I got married! 
Being married to Drew, has made me realized I am more messy, that I thought.
Sometimes I can be a complete pig! I leave stuff every where. Some days are better than others.Thankfully, he can look past it, although it drives me nuts from time to time. I believe if we hada bigger space, things wouldn't feel so cluttered. A 1 bedroom apartment is hard to live in for two peopleand not feel cluttered! If one thing is out of place, the whole apartment can be a complete mess!

I have been working hard at organizing. It's no wonder that I needed to read "365 Ways to Organize Everything."

The title isn't kidding when it says "everything." If you want to know how to organize something, this book has great answers. 

Written by Emilie Barnes and Sheri Torelli, this book helps you organize your "stuff", your money, the best time of the season to purchase certain items, when you should buy bulk, what items should be on hand in the kitchen, how to organize your organizer to be more sufficient! This book is wonderful. It is broken into chapters, which allows you to move from one area of the house to another. I have this book highlighted and noted by things I want to do and things I have already done.

They are simple tasks to! Often, I get some OVERWHELMED that I quit, but this book makes you take things piece by piece. If you're looking for a good Spring clean book, this is it!

Thank you Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another 9 + PR

Sometimes I get discouraged while running. Every once in a while, some runner chick will blow past me and gain at least a mile ahead of me. I hate that! UGH.. Makes you feel bad about where you are...

                                                      and then... I remember....

I remember last year when doctors thought running was damaging my heart.. I remember them thinking the passing out episodes were heart related, which we later learned was Epilepsy. As I think about this past year, I am realizing I may never PR a race in terms of time, but I am hitting a new PR every mile my body runs. How many people do you know that have Epilepsy and RUN??? I know none.. Most can't!  I am BLESSED and my blessings are different than other runners. I am thankful God is teaching me to be thankful in everything.

I set out to accomplish 11 miles, but on my way through 9, I was getting a blister, which is very rare for me. 
My left shoe is wearing out, on the inside, which is how I got the blister. I am going to contact Asics because they are only 3 months old! These shoes may be shot already.. I don't know. I will wait and see what they say...

Do you run to PR or is God blessing your exercise in a different way?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Grammy Turns 74

Yesterday, marks my Grandma's 74th Birthday! She would kill me if she knew I was posting these online. She is one of those Grandma's that doesn't own a computer and wouldn't even begin to know how to operate one. It's really funny that she is talking on a cell-phone in this picture.. Oh, Grandma! We decided to celebrate by going out to Arby's! My Grandma likes to eat there, Wendy's and Subway .... Silly Grandma!

My mom got Grandma some pretty flowers and something else, I can't remember what it was.. Maybe, I am the one that is 74! Lol.. Drew and I bought her a gift card to Bath & Body Works. She has  NEVER been there before!! What?? I told her $25 might not be enough for her FIRST trip.. She laughed! Oh, Grandma! 

           And then... It's the two of us..  Sisters can be a lot of trouble together. Luckily for mom and Grandma, we were on our best behavior! My sister is 16! It's so weird! When did she grow up? 

I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another year with my Grandma! Happy Birthday Grammie! I love you!

Who are you thankful for in your life?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Golden Anniversary

I don't begin to even understand what it is like to be married to someone for fifty years! Drew's grandparents celebrated fifty years this month! What an amazing milestone!

They marked their 50th anniversary by going on a cruise!  They live in Arizona for the winter and will return back to Michigan sometime in May! I am super excited to hear about their cruise. I know they had a great time. 

We are celebrating their 50th this July! I have been working on a special gift for them.. I love to scrapbook, so I have been making them a mini- scrapbook of our wedding!! You can see some pages below...

They don't read my blog, so I'm not worried about them seeing these! I am almost finished.. I need to order a couple more pictures, but overall, this scrapbook is done! I am super excited to give it to them!  I want to make a scrapbook for everyone, but that takes a lot of time.. The grandparents don't want any gifts for their anniversary, they just want us ALL to be there!

What milestones have you been apart of? What are some of your greatest memories?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good News, Good Weather, Good Life

First, let me tell you who won my give-away! 

Nancy Morrison!! 

Wahoo! That is so exciting. Congratulations!. Just send me a little email with your address and I will get your book certificate out to you!! :)

Last night I tried Zumba for the first time. I have to admit, the workout is fun, high energy and great music, but not something I am in love with. While it really killed a bunch of calories, I just love my good ole running.. I am going to give Zumba another go here this next week.. Sometimes, you have try things more than once before they stick.

The weather in Michigan right now is crazy! It's 87 here!! Holy cow! It is almost too hot. Seriously! You get out of the car and sweat is dripping down my back.. It is nutty.. We reached a record temperature today! I really want to go running, but I am not sure that is very smart..Today would have been a great beach day! Hope the warm weather continues!

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How do you grow a blog?

Over the past three months, I have made efforts to grow my blog, but I still feel STUCK!

What are some of your greatest tips in growing your blog? 

Do you post more often? 
Do you hold give-aways?
Should I future other bloggers?
Are my topics boring?
Is their a network I am unaware of ?
Should I host my own site??

Give me some feedback.. Gentle please!

Today is the last day to enter my blog giveaway! Go here for more info! Keep commenting!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Women Counseling Women Book Review

Women Counseling Women is a book that can be used for self use or for counseling others.

Ideally, I could see this book being very beneficial for a pastor's wife, women's group leader, minister, or anyone dealing with the delicate emotions of women. 

This book touches on many topics including: 

Eating Disorders
Being a care-giver
Single parenting
Handling Teenagers
Difficult Habits
Generational Sin

and much more...

This is a book that you do not read cover to cover, but is good to have as a reference. If someone you know is in ministry with women or deals with women in a counseling role, this book is perfect. I am excited to have this book on my shelf. Working with females everyday, this book has brought some insight to topics that I see them face and personal struggles I face. 

I believe that this a great tool for anyone in a helping profession. I rate this a 4/5!

 This book was provided to me by Harvest House Publishers. This is my honest opinion. 

Catch Up on a day off

Last week was a very challenging week both emotionally and spiritually. Although things did not go the way I intended them too, I did have victory in completing a 10 mile run! 

I decided to take a day off from school and it has been so worth it!

This morning Drew and I went to the library, headed off to get some groceries and then stopped by Taco Bell to try the Doritos Taco! 

Was it good? Yes, but would I eat another? Not really! I love tacos, but this wasn't that great! Everyone has been saying how awesome they are, but I wasn't super impressed... What is your take ? Have you tried one?

Well, I have been battling losing weight on and off over the past couple of months. I am not getting anywhere and that is frustrating!!! Can I get an amen? I am realizing I got to switch it up. I need to do more weight lifting, yoga and other various cardio workouts. It is hard to be so dedicated, especially when I am trying to train for the River Bank 25k!  The training is grueling! 

This morning, Drew took several shots of my body in my two piece swim suit, which I rarely where in public and my hope is that by seeing these pictures, I will be motivated to lose weight before summer and keep it off. I was actually surprised by some of the pictures.. My mind thought I was more fat that I what I actually looked liked. .That was nice..
 The running is helping, but I need to do more core stuff.. My stomach is the hardest place to lose! 

Do you have any great weight loss tips? I need some motivation people!

Don't forget to enter my blog book give-away! It ends tomorrow night! Go here!!!

Be blessed today!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Running in sweat

Check out that wet hair! It's not from showering, but rather sweat because I finished a 10 MILE run! WAHOO! I felt like I was running forever! 

In Michigan, we have had unseasonably warm weather and last night was no exception. We hit highs in the late 70's! It's only MARCH! Today, we are supposed to hit 80! I am so excited for this nice weather! I have been wearing flip flops and dresses to school.. It is so nice! Love wearing sandals! 

On my run, I saw flowers blooming every where, it was lovely. I hope this weather continues.

On another note, I got my Visalus shakes in the mail yesterday and during my long run, I told myself I would make a Sham rock shake when I got home. Sometimes you need small motivators to keep going.. So, I called mom up and we made some Sham Rock shakes together.. 

Here is the Recipe!

1.5 Cup Milk or you can use Almond Milk

2 Scoops Vi- Shape Mix (Email me if you want more

1 handful of Spinach

1/4 tsp Peppermint Oil

1/4 Banana ( You can omit this, it gives it a different taste with and w/out)

To make: Place all in a blender and buzz it up. It's so DELICIOUS!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

You've got to be joking!

Had a rough day.. It started at 3am when I woke up feeling sick... Sick to my stomach. .It's this feeling that has been happening after all my runs... Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to do some billing and finally paid off our HUGE medical bill.. Paying that off, felt like a huge success.

Then, driving home from work and on the phone with my mom... The hot thermostat light started yelling at me and flashing. I decided to pull over to see what the problem was.. And then... I saw the green/yellow coolant fluid all over the Walgreen's parking lot..  It's safe to say, I completely LOST it.  Just started crying like a baby.

Called the husband....
I wasn't this happy when I called! Don't let this picture fool you! I was in tears and he talked me through to call the TOW truck.. I was so angry. Why? 

Because are working so HARD to get out of DEBT and it seems to KEEP finding US!! GO AWAY!
Hospital BILL   PAID
Lease- Partial
Chiropractor- Not paid.. He's going to have to wait..

And now.. .WE WAIT..

To find out the damage of the bug.. 

The worry part of being is going nuts, but God want's me to trust him! God, please let it be manageable! Thank you! I am trusting YOU!

Wait till you hear this one....

 Husband came home and says "I think we've got a flat tire on the Vibe" and I said "You've got to be joking!" Sure enough, we had a FLAT!  Could this day go right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today! She is such an amazing woman. I am so incredibly indebted to her and my dad for raising me. My mom was a "homemaker" and I believe that is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do. Raising kids isn't easy. Anyone who thinks so, should try it before they start saying "you're just a stay at home mom" because it is so much more than that! 
I wanted to honor my mom today. She has been so influential in shaping my life and the way I want to live. She has been "successful" and not in the worlds eyes, but in the eyes of our creator. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

Happy Birthday Mom! I wish you the best birthday and I pray that God will bless us with many more years! You're the best! Love you so much!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Miracles for Jen+ Giveaway

If you're looking for a book to change your life, "Miracle for Jen" will inspire, encourage and  change your attitude. This books gives a whole new meaning to being grateful for God's blessings. You will forever be changed after reading this book.. The Barrick family is amazing!

Jen is your typical average fifteen- year old girl who is a cheerleader, loves her family, has a boyfriend and loves to hang out with her friends. One evening after leaving from her church, after just singing on stage, the Barrick family is hit by a drunk driver.  Linda (mother), Andy (Father), Josh ( Brother) and Jen (Sister, daughter) suffered from life threatening injuries. Josh had the least injuries, but some of the biggest burdens.  Jen suffered with the worst injuries and had severe brain injuries with multiple skull fractures. She was not expected to live the night through, but God had different plans.

 After five weeks in coma, Jen began praying and praising God. Jen began quoting scripture and talking to God as if he were in her hospital room. Jen's aunt could not believe what she was hearing and immediately called Linda ( who was still recovering from her own injuries). Linda could not believe hearing her daughters calm voice and prayers over the phone, but she knew God had plans for Jen. 

Although Jen's recovery was a long road, God continued to show the Barrick family that he had big plans for Jen's life.  Jen had to re-learn her ABC'S, reading, writing, showering, brushing her hair, ect. She met every challenge and then some. At one point, Linda was unsure if Jen would graduate from High school, but Jen was determined and knew God would help her. She graduated from High school against all odds. Jen Barrick is an extraordinary girl, with an passion for God. To download Chapter 1 go here.

I read this book in 3 hours, cover to cover. You will not be able to stop from putting this book down. The amount of people who stepped in to help this family is uncomprehendible. From the loving hospital staff members to Liberty University, the Barricks Church family, friends, strangers and family members, the people who surrounded this family was extraordinary. This book will change your life!

I would like to thank Tyndale for providing me a copy of this book and allowing me to give away a FREE COPY! 

If you want a chance to win, here are the ways...

1) Like my facebook page

3) Tweet me on Twitter @ Sarahsmithstorm

4) Leave a comment down below telling me why you want to win and your email address.

5) Shoot me an email @ sarahsmithstormdotgmaildotcom

6) Click "join this site" on the right side bar for future blog posts!!

This giveaway will end Tuesday, March 20th! I will post the winner Wednesday, March 21st!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Under the Weather

Friday night, my mom and sister came over for a little hang out time.. Look at these fun old navy dresses we got for FREE!  I got the opportunity to review Old Navys new dress collection. The butterfly dress is not something I would typically pick out, but it is so wavy, breathable and light weight. Perfect for a school dress... i REALLY need to get my TAN on... look so PALE!

Can you tell we're Sisters?? We look so much alike. She is only 16 and usually people think she is the older one. 

After Drew got out of work, he and I went out to steak n shake for a late night snack. When I woke up Saturday, I didn't feel the best, but I needed to get a run in. This week I didn't get any super long run in. I ran a 6 miler and yesterday a 5miler. During my 5 miler, I felt sick to my stomach several times, but I told myself to just finish the run. Runners learn to deal with pain. It it what we do. Pain = change. Usually, we wait till last minute and then take care of ourselves. 

After my 5mile run, I was down for the count. I ate saltines, Sprites, some ice-cream and cheese n shells. I wasn't in the mood for food, but my stomach was starving, especially after running a 5 miler. 
All day and night I was either on the couch or in bed. When I thought I was better, I would get up and move around to just need to get back in bed. It was the worst. My husband, he was the BEST! He bought me ice-cream and went to the grocery store TWICE! I love him!
I am slowly starting to feel better. I didn't even go to church today. We are going over to Drew's parents house to celebrate Jason and Alicia's engagement, I doubt I will eat much. The rest of the day will contain RESTING! 

What exciting things are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thee Engaged

My brother-in-law has been dating this wonderful woman, Alicia for about six months. She is a very energetic, goal driven kind of girl! She is in law school!!! Can you say LAWYER?

 This evening the two of them drove up to Mackinaw City. Alicia is from Port Huron, MI and Jason thought it would be romantic to propose on the Mackinaw bridge, so he did just that! 

It looks like next year, we will be in store for a wedding!

Congrats Alicia and Jason! We are very excited for the two of you! We cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple Life

Have you ever heard Luci Swindoll speak? Or maybe you have read a book by her? If you haven't had the opportunity, you need to seek out reading one of her books! They are fantastic! I cannot say enough good things about her books. They make you feel like God has you right where you're SUPPOSED to be!

I had the opportunity to review "Simple Secrets to a Happy Life" and let me tell you, this is full of humor, little life secrets and a book full of blessings! Reading this book, you step into the life of Luci Swindoll and feel like she is your best friend. Luci has a way of taking the reader into her world and feeling important. 

This could be a 1 Chapter of a day kind of book. You don't have to read the whole thing from cover to cover, although I do recommend reading the whole book, you could read a chapter each day. The book covers various topics including: organization, health, crafting, contentment, integrity, family, friends and various other topics to make the most of every day. This book is a great reminder to take a step back and examine our lives. Luci does a great job in bring humor, love and warmth into each chapter.

This book was provided by booksneeze for my review!

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet by Max Lucado

I wanted to share this.. I needed to read this! 

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet
by Max Lucado

It has been a long day. Jerusalem is packed with Passover guests, most of whom 
clamor for a glimpse of the Teacher. The spring sun is warm. The streets are 
dry. And the disciples are a long way from home. A splash of cool water would be 

The disciples enter [the room], one by one, and take their places around the 
table. On the wall hangs a towel, and on the floor sits a pitcher and a basin. 
Any one of the disciples could volunteer for the job, but not one does.

After a few moments, Jesus stands and removes his outer garment. He wraps a 
servant’s girdle around his waist, takes up the basin, and kneels before one of 
the disciples. He unlaces a sandal and gently lifts the foot and places it in 
the basin, covers it with water, and begins to bathe it. One by one, one grimy 
foot after another, Jesus works his way down the row.

In Jesus’ day the washing of feet was a task reserved not just for servants but 
for the lowest of servants…The servant at the bottom of the totem pole was 
expected to be the one on his knees with the towel and basin.

In this case the one with the towel and basin is the king of the universe. Hands 
that shaped the stars now wash away filth. Fingers that formed mountains now 
massage toes. And the one before whom all nations will one day kneel now kneels 
before his disciples. Hours before his own death, Jesus’ concern is singular. He 
wants his disciples to know how much he loves them...

You can be sure Jesus knows the future of these feet he is washing. These 
twenty-four feet will not spend the next day following their master, defending 
his cause. These feet will dash for cover at the flash of a Roman sword. Only 
one pair of feet won’t abandon him in the garden. One disciple won’t desert him 
at Gethsemane—Judas won’t even make it that far! He will abandon Jesus that very 
night at the table…

What a passionate moment when Jesus silently lifts the feet of his betrayer and 
washes them in the basin!

Jesus knows what these men are about to do. He knows they are about to perform 
the vilest act of their lives. By morning they will bury their heads in shame 
and look down at their feet in disgust. And when they do, he wants them to 
remember how his knees knelt before them and he washed their feet…
He forgave their sin before they even committed it. He offered mercy before they 
even sought it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One in 4 Student Loans Delinquent

It's about time our nation looks at our Student Loan debt. It is out of control. Glad to hear Dave Ramsey speaking out about this! Hopefully, someone will start listening and student loan reform will be on the way. 
Interesting clip! Check it out!


I was thankful to see it! Do you have student loans?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My biggest Sin, can you believe I am going to ADMIT this???

If I was to be honest about what separates me from God... It would be WORRYING!

I worry about what people think.
I worry about what I wear.
I worry about the lack their of.
I worry about not being good enough.
I worry that I am not doing enough, being enough or measuring up enough.
I worry about my job, husband, finances, family, student loan debt.
I worry about friends, the future, the needs of others.

I worry. 

It is my biggest sin. It causes me not to trust God and trust in my own abilities.

 It separates me from HIM! I hate it.

I do everything I can to read books on worrying and memorize scripture. I am not the only one who STRUGGLES with this.  I had the opportunity to review " Breaking the Worry Habit Forever"   by Elizabeth George. Elizabeth George is best known for writing " A Woman After God's Own Heart". 

I am going to be honest with ya..

This was tough for me to get THROUGH.. Not because the material wasn't good, but because my heart knows I need to work on worrying. I know I need to trust God!

And now for the review:

Great book! Wonderful book! 

It touches on so many areas of life where I worry.  It touches on finances, marriage, children, what others think, singlehood, and other areas worry might be present. 

The book contains 2 parts. One part of the book is reading the chapters and the second part of the book has questions that go with the specific chapters. I love the questions because it requires you to dig down deep and be honest with yourself. It also has a section for personal notes. You can jot down things along the way. LOVE IT!

 This book made me so aware that worry consumes so much of my mind. Thank you Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book. This book will help change your though patterns and your life. If you worry, this book is for YOU!