Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do the blizzards happen on Friday's?

What a run…

Friday, I was scheduled to run 7 miles, but only completed 6.75 miles. I was so close, but ended up turning home. I could not take the blizzard snow anymore. It was cold, I had to go to the bathroom and my knees could no longer take the pain. I am proud that I went farther than I thought I could, but I wait for this week’s long run. Hope I can make the 7 miles. 

I keep saying to my husband...

"Why does it snow on Friday's (long run days) and then melt on Saturday??"

He keeps telling me.. "That's how it goes." 

Hopefully this Friday, it will not snow!! Here's to me hoping!

What is the worst weather condition that you trained or workout in?

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Andrea (Run. Learn. Repeat.) said...

I've run in some blizzards before. Once I looked at my running buddy and her eyelashes had frost on them! It was so funny. That was before I lived in TX though.