Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's in your mailbox?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved getting the mail.  I secretly have always wanted to be a mail woman. I thought delivering the mail would be magical and that people loved receiving the mail.
                                               Look at those hot clothes!! 

As an adult, the mail isn't always that fun. Usually, I receive bills, credit card offers, or massive medical bills. The theme this week, seems to be medical bills from my thyroid surgery. I will keep you posted on my battle with the hospital.. In the meantime, I got a lot of great loot in the mail today..

Check out all these packages! I got 5 packages in the mail today! I was so excited to start ripping them open..

Here is all the goodies I received! This was an awesome mail day! 
Books & Dvd's...... I love FREE books! I couldn't believe that I got this many in the mail! All in one day! Ridiculously cool!
More books.. Also, I will have an upcoming giveaway in March!! I am excited about this one!! This book that I will be giving away is supposed to phenomenal. I can't give it away till March!

New Camelbak lids. My current Camelbak water bottle lid has been leaking. My husband contacted Camelbak and they said they would send a replacement lid. Instead of one lid, they sent two

What a great day for mail! 

What is the best thing you ever got in the mail?


KelseyJ said...

What?! My Camelbak lid broke. You need to hook me up! How did he contact them?

Sarah said...

He did it online :) Go to their website. It took about 3 weeks, but we got em.. Good luck Kelsey!