Thursday, February 9, 2012

What do you do?

             How many of you hate your picture taken?  
i DO! This morning, I told my husband I needed a picture where I wasn't in running gear or with a Disney I thought it might be good if you saw me in my work clothes...

Often, I get the question; What do you do & What is a Behavioral Specialist?(aka B.S.)

Well, let me start off my saying this.. I have my a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work. It is my dream  to work in a school, as a school social worker with Special Ed. students. Currently, the Michigan workforce isn't that swell, we have high unemployment and our state is cutting tons of education funding. With that said, I have been unable to a get a school social work job. I might add, I am okay with that because I know God has a purpose for me as a B.S. (Behavioral Specialist)

Currently, I work with Emotionally Impaired Students as a B.S. ,which essentially is a teacher, parapro, school social worker, nurse, parent and restrainer. Emotionally Impaired students have high levels of anger and usually physically react to their anger. They hurt themselves, others and become volatile. They push, kick, flip over desks, scream, swear, ect. We have a Time Out Room (TOR) which is used when a child is physically harmful to themselves, teachers and other students. Frequently, we have to restrain students and transport them to the TOR. I have been bit, hair pulled, punched, kicked, spit on, screamed at, pushed, pinched, stabbed in the eye with a pencil and even had student try to rip off my clothes. With that said, I love my job and I know that is crazy. 

 Most people ask why do these kids act this way, Is it environmental or biological? My answer, "both". Many students have mental health impairments (Depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, Bipolar, ect) which contribute to their inability to control their anger and emotions. Other students have difficult home lives which do not provide them the proper support, love, nourishment or are single parent homes struggling to survive. Either way, environmental and biological factors contribute to their behavior. 

My kids can be challenging at times, but they are so lovable. They have qualities and gifts that are unique. I love my job, but I hope for a school social work job in the future. Also, I do social skill lessons in each REI (Regionaly Emotionally Impaired Program) classroom. Each month we focus on a different topic. This month we are doing "friendship", how to be a good friend, what good friends do and how they act towards one another. You would be amazed at how poor social skills they have. Maybe I need to start posting my crafts and lessons!! 
Happy Thursday! One more day and it will be Friday!! 

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Andrew Storm said...

you're the best B.S. around :)