Friday, February 10, 2012

The Vera Bradley Clearance & The Wedding Band issue

My body needed a break from running, so what better than to shop? If I can't run, why can't I shop? Somehow, I don't think Dave Ramsey nor my husband would agree with this theory. Good thing neither of them were home! 

I headed off to the mall. I have been having a wedding band issue. When Drew bought my engagement ring, he didn't buy a wedding band because...  a) couldn't afford one and b) had to pay for a wedding, c) I was finishing my Masters and D) I was living on a part-time nanny income.

Well since being married and being so young looking, people think I am only engaged, which totally annoys me, so I have been on the hunt to find a wedding band. I have been hunting for about a year! I haven't really found one that I'm  super crazy about or they are outrageously priced.  Guess what? I found one and guess how much it costs??? 

$1300. That is for a wedding band. .When did they become so expensive? sigh.

Well, since I didn't purchase a wedding band (I would never do that with out the husband), I bought a Vera Bradley Bag. Now let me honest, I think a lot of the patterns are ugly, but people really love these things.. I think they are ridiculously priced and I told myself I would never buy one.. It's the way I feel about Coach purses too. .Coaches are so cute, yet , so expensive! However, I am a person who has a bag for everything, just ask my husband so.....

 I couldn't pass up on Vera Bradley bag HALF off!!! Could you???

             (Pattern on the inside of bag)

 ( Outside pattern, Buttercup)

         Front pockets! 

I thought this was so cute. Brown and pink! Love those colors together! This was only $31! I would have never spent this kind of money, but I was in a low from the Wedding band dilemma.. I don't believe in spending money to make me happy, but I couldn't pass up on a clearance deal like this..  My husband will roll his eyes when he reads this post, but I don't care!!

What have you ever purchased on a low?? Or what has been a guilty pleasure you would never normally spend $$ on?



mindy @ just a one girl revolution. said...

I will only buy Coach purses at the outlet - when they're on sale and I have an awesome coupon!

Sarah said...

Mindy, glad I am not the only person who won't drop this kind of money on a purse!