Friday, February 10, 2012

six mile blizzard run..

Wow. Who knew a 6 mile run could be so adventurous?   Let's start from the beginning!
Our courtyard was starting to pile up with snow.... This was the slushy stuff..

Before the run.. I was trying to get myself pumped.. I knew this was going to be a challenge... We got at least three inches of snow and I knew the sidewalks would not be shoveled.. Actually, we are in a winter weather advisory.... I am trying to run the River Bank Run (15.5) miles, so training is essential and I am adamant about sticking to the training schedule!

              (After Mile 3)

Mile 1) Wished I liked the treadmill. Snow and slush kept getting stuck in my yacktracks.. I felt like I was running on a bouncy ball.. It was so unstable. .I was scared to break an ankle.. 

Mile 2) Waved to MOM on the road who was heading home from the grocery store. That was a nice boost of encouragement.. I even got to wave to her.. I watched a car accident happen. People were driving like idiots... The roads were so wet and slushy, which is not good.. I almost got hit at one point during the run.. I had to run on the roads a couple of times, especially when the snow was 4 inches thick.. 

Mile 3) During this mile, I realized my hair was starting to freeze and I was concerned it might start to break off.. I need all the hair I can get! I made a quick detour home and got on a hat.. I didn't realize my headband wasn't going to be enough. Hence the above picture!

Mile 4) At this point in my run, I realized that the road was complete ice and I began to watch people slide all over the place.  I couldn't believe how from mile 1 things were slushy and all of a sudden, the roads were GLARE ice! Crazy!

Mile 5) This was pretty cool.  I saw another guy running! I didn't feel so crazy running in this crap. Also, a woman in the passengers side, took my picture. My husband works for a local TV station and I was wearing a scarf that had their logo. Maybe she thought I was an anchor.. It was very odd! Weirdo!

Mile 6)  After 5 miles in the snow, my legs continued to feel like I was running in quicksand 
and not making any traction. I am so glad this run is over.. It took me 30 minutes longer than last week.. Not a good time, but glad to finish it.. Now, I can enjoy the rest of my weekend and not worry about a long run!

  (After Mile 6, I am trying to act happy, but truthfully I am in PAIN!)

Glad that is over.. On with the weekend!


Krystle said...

You rock. You are my hero...I cannot complain about my running conditions!
You are crazy!!

Love it!

Krystle said...

Oh, and I originally thought you mean you ran 6 miles to go get a Blizzard :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the love Krystle!