Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seriously? 10 inches on Friday?

I don't know what mother natures problem is, but she tends to dump snow every Friday when I need to do a long run.. It's rather annoying. I'm not going to lie.. I am trying to stay dedicated to my training schedule and she is making it a MAJOR PAIN in the you know where!

                            Totally stole this from my husband's T.V. station... Nice Graphic WOOD TV!

I decided to out smart her! HA! Take that Mother Nature!!! 

Instead of running tomorrow (Friday), I decided to run today (Thursday) and beat the snow!  I accomplished 8 miles. I didn't do it in record time or anything, but I got it in before the snow. The long run is done! I have tomorrow off from school, so I will be able to spend some time catching up on my favorite blogs and if you haven't stopped at 3 little men and a mommy, you should! Krystle is just great! Love her! 

I love fun color shoes, but I scored these for $30 bucks around Christmas time and couldn't pass them up. They are a silver/ purple color. I can't believe they are still white after all the snow, slush, ice, rain and junk I have ran in.. Michigan is very bi-polar this winter.. One minute it is in the 40's and the next day it drops into the teens.. I don't get it.. 

Happy Thursday Evening! The weekend is just upon us... 

What is your favorite type of junk food??? ( I am addicted to Cheez-Its)

I want a shirt that says... " I will run for Cheez-Its"


Krystle said...

30 bucks!?!?!?
That's amazing.

8 miles. you rock.
and THAT is a ton of take pictures for those of us living in the part of the country where it was over 60 degrees and SUNNY today! I want SNOW!!!

Krystle said...

and why did i not see before your header with the huge mickey rice krispies?!
those are my favorite. we are disneyland freaks. have you been around long enough to catch that on my blog haha...

and that is what i would run for if i could have them every day

KelseyJ said...

I wish I got snow days! Enjoy it!

Sarah said...

Krystle, weird you are just seeing my header for the first time.. It has been there for months.. I wish for sun! The grass seems greener on the other side.. lol.. I bet your kiddo's would love the snow! We are super Disney freaks too... I have gone to Disney World for the past 4 years consecutively. It is a bad disease. We really want to go this summer, but we are trying to be "adults" and pay down our student loans.. How boring is that??? I am glad I'm not the only Disney Freak!