Thursday, February 2, 2012

Running Mistakes for today

I have to admit, I made quite a few running mistakes today.

BodyGlideFirst, I ran in shorts. I thought with the sun shining and forecast of 40's degrees, I would be safe, but I was so WRONG! Within in a half of mile, I realize the wind was very strong and very cold. At least I was only on a short run, 2.5miles! (Ps. Did you know we had 9.5 hours of daylight today?)

Second, I forgot to use my favorite, bodyglide! If you don't use this, you should! BodyGlide is a lubricant that is designed to prevent chafing and blisters in areas such as, feet, inner things, sports bra lines and underarms. I have gotten chafed during long runs in the past and have LEARNED my lesson! I always use this!

Finally, I did not stretch.. I hate stretching.. Do you have any good tips on stretching? What stretching do you do??

Have you ever made any exercise errors? 


Krystle said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

I have only ever run 5k's and it's been hit and miss since I had my firstborn 3 1/2 years ago!

But, I'm on the move again running and training for a 10 mile in April! AHH!

My running error....running with old shoes. Which will be fixed soon!

Krystle said...

OH! I'm doing WW too!