Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Step Back

Good Morning and happy Saturday! Do you ever have those days where you have so much to tell, but you're so exhausted? 
After a 6 mile run yesterday, three training runs, yoga and a night of weight lifting, my body is physically exhausted from the week.

Slowly, my body is changing, becoming muscular and I am feeling stronger. I am so thrilled, especially since this past year has been so challenging. Prayers are being answered and God is being glorified! I give him the glory because this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with HIM!!

With that said, I am taking the day off...  I will post the blog winner for Bondi Band giveaway tomorrow, which will give a couple of you weekend bloggers the chance to enter. Thanks for being understanding.. I need a mental and physical break! Do you? 

Nothing beats the Africa... Isn't that beautiful! Maybe someday I will go back.. This reminds me to take a step back and enjoy God's creation!

How do you take a step back? What are your symptoms of exhaustion and how do you refuel? 


Krystle said...

Awesome job! I cannot fathom running 6 miles...but I am hoping soon I will be!
Enjoy a rest :)

Unknown said...
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