Monday, February 13, 2012

Major Monday Update: Debit Card Fraud

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I am so sorry for not posting!!! What a weekend!

First, on Friday, I ran 6 miles in the crazy snowy blizzard! It was crazy, but I am thankful to have accomplished it.. To read about it, go here!

Saturday- What a day.
First, Drew and I celebrated Valentine’s Day. Since Drew works 2nd shift, I don’t see him in the week, so this past Saturday was the perfect day to do so. We spent the day relaxing, watching tv shows, running a couple of errands, church and then going to dinner at Olive Garden. It was great evening until Drew check his phone and had an odd number come up...

The odd number was a sister company to our Credit Union. Apparently, someone had got my husbands debit card number and was charging stuff out of New York. Thankfully, it was caught right away, especially since we had used the card on Saturday, in Michigan. The company called us right away, alerted us and suspended all transactions.  Now we wait for an investigation and in the mean time had to get new debit cards.. Our main concern is.. How did this happen???? Drew went into the credit union today to straighten all this mess.. I hate this stuff!

Sunday - We went to our first Dave Ramsey class and what a DUD! Their was three other couples, which is fine, but most of them are doing this their second time and haven't made any significant changes.

Drew has done Financial Peace and I have read a lot Dave Ramsey, so I am very familiar with him, we are on Babystep 2 (Paying off your debt). We have some major student loans, especially with my Masters Degree and we have been on Babystep 2 for a year and will probably be on this step unfortunately for a while.. We are working hard, but have had setbacks with health bills and other unexpected events.

Anyways, the leader is only on Babystep 3( 3-6 months emergency), which is fine, but he isn't really much a motivator.. Drew and I are doing the class to find inspiration to keep going!! Don't get me wrong, God uses imperfect people to teach and lead others, but I need someone with energy, motivation and passion to get me moving and on fire again to get rid of this DEBT!

Drew and I left our class frustrated!  We are looking at purchasing the DVDs our selves and doing this at home.. The group experience is good, but I want people who are looking to change their fiances. Maybe my expectations are to high.. sigh.. 

Have you ever had debit fraud? Have you ever done Dave Ramsey?


Krystle said...

Bummer about the class...we are doing this too! We were able to borrow the CD's. And are on the Pay off our debt part too :)
Have you checked ebay or Craigslist or does your church allow you to rent the CD's?

Sarah said...

Krystle, I am glad you are doing it too!!! Baby Step 2 is so hard! We have the cd's, but I am a visual learner, so I think we are going to purchase the dvds.. $159.. ew.. I have checked our library, craigslist and ebay.. His website is cheaper than Amazon too... Ugh.. A friend may have the dvd's.. She is checking into it and then maybe we could borrow them.. I think their is such freedom when you don't own people, banks or places $$...