Friday, February 24, 2012

I miss Disney!

A couple bloggers I follow are on their way to running the Disney Princess Half Marathon! To say I am jealous, doesn't even begin to describe my feelings about not being there.

Drew & I were just talking about how we want to go to Disney World this summer, but we don't know how realistic that is with all of our medical expense and student loan debt. We trying to be "adults", but that seems to be so BORING! 

Some people have kids each year, but we go to Disney.  You may recall my Disney Themed Wedding or you can go here!  

My obsession with all things Disney goes beyond therapeutic help and I am well aware of my disease. 

Check out our bathroom.. I have been meaning to post these pictures a while ago..
                                                                 (our towel rack)

                                              (One wall with Disney Post cards)

                                                   (Shower Curtain)

  (My favorite Disney Picture of Mickey and Minnie sitting on the beach looking at Cinderellas castle. I couldn't get the glare because it is to high on our bathroom wall for me to ) 

I told you the disease was bad!

You may remember Disney gave us 4 day park hopper tickets during our honeymoon stay and we're saving them in hopes of doing the 2013 Disney World Marathon...

If we don't get to Disney this year, we will next year, especially with the Magic Kingdom expansion. It is the largest expansion Magic Kingdom has ever seen! 

What is your favorite travel destination?


Andrew Storm said...

The best way to overcome a disease is to feed it! Hello Disney Summer 2012 :)

Krystle said...


Come to DisneyLAND with us :) :)

Sarah said...

Krystle, When are you guys going?? I love Disney.. We had a Disney Themed Wedding.. I am kind of a Disney freak.. If my husband would allow, our whole house would be Disney... At Christmas, our tree is all Disney themed... It's a disease.