Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I love this happy, sappy, Hallmark Holiday!  I love pink and red..

On this day, I dedicate this post to the one my heart loves.. 

" I love you" is not enough to describe the way I feel for him. I can't put it into words, on paper, express it enough, buy enough, show him enough, how much I really love him.

He is my, companion, soul mate, partner in crime, lovie and best friend. If you would have asked me at the age of 16, when we had met, I would have laughed at you... Little did I realize the journey that God would take us on... 

We are extremely blessed and thankful to have found one another. Most people search their entire life and don't find the love that we have.  We could spend every hour, of every day together and I still wouldn't get sick of him. 

I am amazed by his generosity, loving heart and kind spirit. He is a great leader, provider, protector and my personal space heater.  Every single day, I am reminded why I chose to spend the rest of my life with him. I am thankful for Gods blessing on our life and marriage. 
I look forward to many more Valentines together! I love you more and more everday!


Krystle said...

Aw! Happy Valentine's Day! We never get sick of each other either!

Where do you live? We need to hang out :)

Sarah said...

I live in Michigan! Happy Valentines Day!!! Hope you are having a blessed day and feeling very loved!