Friday, February 3, 2012

Do you worry?

I am on a quest to read the Bible in a year and it has taken me on an unimaginable
 journey. I have just finished reading the book of Exodus. I am in awe of the way Moses 
stretched out his staff over the Red sea and the waters divided. Moses stretched out his 
staff and the waters divided! Amazing! I am utterly speechless, which is why I said this 

I can't even imagine how scared the Israelites were of the Egyptians? How scared Moses
must have been to trust God? God provided the Israelites safety and delivered them from
the hands of the Egyptians. 

Do you ever look at tomorrows demands and think how am I going to make it? Maybe it's 
next weeks bills, medical problems, sickness or next month's busy calendar? You may 
wonder how can I make it? Maybe you are struggling to sleep the night through with a new baby and wondering, God how can I make it? Moses and the Israelites were 
thinking the same thing.

God provided a way for them.
God can provide a way for you.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
Live in today. 

When you find yourself worrying, look to the one who can take away all worry. Cast your 
cares upon him because he cares.

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