Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big News: Big Prayers

I mentioned in previous posts, that I needed some major prayers for decisions regarding this summer. I  ready to share why I need those prayers.. I was waiting for a few details to line up before sharing..

My Aunt and Uncle live in Georgia. They have two 1 year old twins and a 4 month old. My Uncle is in the Air Force on reserve, but has been commissioned for a 3 month mission in Afghanistan from July to September. My Aunt will be left alone with three little ones during this time. At first, they were unsure if it was really going to happen, but they have gotten word that he will have to go.. Which is why I didn't post a whole lot about this..

Well, they have asked if I would come down in July till the end of August to help out. They will pay for my plane ticket and pay for my help. This is perfect is many ways, especially since I don't get paid in the summer and don't have a summer job lined up. However, this means leaving Drew for almost two months, praying I have no health issues and taking care of my cousins.  It also means missing Drew's grandparents 50th Anniversary Party.. While these are important events, my heart cannot even begin to fathom the possibility of taking care of three little ones on my own. I can't imagine being in her shoes..  My heart is very heavy. I want the best of both worlds. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with my Aunt and baby cousins, especially since Drew and I have no children yet.
Drew and I are going to be in prayer and ask that you will be in prayer for us too..

We want to honor God and we want to know his leading for this decision. 


Krystle said...

First of all, what an honor for you, that they would ask you...knowing that you'd be leaving your hubby for 2 months and you don't have kids.
That shows a lot of faith in you!

As a Mom of 3, including a set of twins...this is a big deal. And you would be doing an amazing thing.
You obviously have lots to pray about with your sweetie and so much to consider.

But wow, what an opportunity! To pour into these kids lives and to form a bond that you will carry with you forever!
And think of all the tools in your arsenal for when you DO have kids! You will be ready to rock and roll!

Will keep you in my prayers!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow,tough choices indeed! Follow your heart - I'm sure it'll be the right path.

Britt said...

Awww that is a big decision! Little kids are awesome! I loved my time with Jennie's babies and miss them soo much! But Oh my 2 months with out Drew.....