Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is your job today?

How many of us get so focused on what we have to get done for the upcoming week or month that we miss out on TODAY?

I am completely and utterly guilty of this... Constantly, I am stressing out about what is coming next or will I have enough time? What more can I fit into my schedule? 


I compare myself to others and think that I am somehow I behind because I haven't achieved this goal, that house, a baby, ect.. 

How many of you feel the same way??

I am learning to focus on TODAY. What can I do today for myself, others and God? I am focusing on one day at a time.. Each day brings its own stress, so why not focus on one day at a time...

Do you need to step back and take it day by day?? It is hard to do... How do you take life from day to day? 

 Love this quote!

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