Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Storm's on Steroids

Well, I went to the Doc's office today because I have been having some severe neck pain. Drew, the great husband he is, has been massaging it daily and the pain has continued to get worsen. Upon going the doctors, I have a very bad infection, but we do not know what the infection is from. 

It could be from my thyroid surgery or it could be a bacterial/viral infection. The doctor did a bunch of blood work, the results will come in tomorrow. As a result of swollen lymph nodes, the doctor put me on steroids.. I have never taken them. I hear they make you crazy. I cannot wait till I start feeling better, the infection goes away and I can sleep again. I just want to sleep! 

Well, I took the day off, to see how my body reacts to taking 6 steroids... Hopefully, the rest and sleep will allow my body to heal quicker.. Prayers for a speedy recovery! GODSPEED!


Andrew Storm said...

Have fun running tomorrow on the 'roids. You're going to go for miles :)

Andrew Storm said...
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Amber W said...

I had bad neck pain once and was put on the same type of treatment, it went ok, I hope they figure out what's going on!