Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storm's 10 Ten Favorite Sites

I am about to share my top 10 favorite websites... Some of these are hidden secrets, others you may know of, but either way, they are my FAVORITE!

1) Hip2save.com

This is one of the best savings website I have ever seen in my life. Collin is awesome with deals, give-aways and freebies.. I check this site daily and find tons of coupons. Make sure you save this site to your favorites. I guarantee, you won't be SORRY!

2) Pinterest.com
 I am so addicted to finding crafts, recipes, blogs, homestuff, teacher ideas, school social work stuff, fashion,ect. You will love this site and become so addicted! I promise!
This site is so user friendly, very simple to navigate! I love that you can plug in your address and figure out how many miles you want to go before you even start your run or walk! It is much easier than mapmyrun.com. I love runningmap.com!!!  If you are a walker or runner, I highly recommend this!


This is a site and a bookstore/therapy store that offers resources for any type of situation including manners, sexuality, social skills, depression,anxiety,ect. For adults and children, this site/store is amazing! I have been to the store and have spent hours, plus hundreds of dollars! Highly recommend and love!
5) Dave Ramsey
I believe in a debt free lifestyle as much as possible. Debt causes people to feel and live under extreme stress. Believe me, I know! I hate student loan debt and it causes me to have high anxiety, but thanks to Dave, we are slowly ( and i mean turtle slow) we are paying it off.  Dave offers great tips in creating and maintaining a budget. I love his website, it offers such great advice!
I love being able to choose the type of music I want to listen to. You can create your own  radio stations and listen to music as you work.. I love it! So great!

This is an awesome coupon site.. You should put it on your favorites list..

This is another one of my favorite coupon sites!

9)Skinny Taste
I love this blog on recipes. They are so healthy, yummy, easy to make and low calorie!

10) Life Hacker
This website offers daily random odds and ends to help you live a better life.. Check it out!

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