Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running Steals & Proper Clothing Care

Running clothes are expensive... Let's be real! 

I will not buy any gear that is not made of moisture-wicking materical. "Wicking" material is a piece of clothing that is made of synthetic fabric,which draws away sweat and moisture from your body. This type of clothing enables you to keep dry and comfortable during your runs. Moisture-wicking clothing comes in shorts, shirts, socks and other gear. Purchasing moisture-wicking material is a wise investment and will sustain time. I have had a couple of running shirts, zipups and shorts for five years. This type of materials will last a long time, but you also maintain proper care.

When washing wicking material, follow the labels. Do NOT you use regular detergent, it can degrade sweat wicking materials. You can buy special laundry detergent that is formulated for this type of gear.

I have also heard people using baking soda. You pre-soak your clothes in a solution of water and 1 cup of baking soda. If your washer has a pre-soak option, this would be ideal or you can use a a separate container. Then you can wash it in the washer using Arm and Hammer detergent. I have never tried this, but am curious if it removes the odor and doesn't ruin the material. Have YOU tried this?

 On Saturday, I went on a shopping spree in hopes of find some new running gear to motivate me, especially since I haven't purchased running clothes in 3 years.
I found some great steals. Pictured above, long sleeve grey shirt $3! Yes, $3bucks on clearance! 

Found this short sleeve, purple shirt for $4!!! So excited!! I love this color and it is such a cozy shirt. I want to sleep in it... lol :)
Finally, a pair of shorts $5! I could not believe how I scored these great deals on good gear! Most stores are running clearance deals from 60-75% off right now. Check with your local mall to find good deals on clothing! I found some sweet deals at Younkers on shoes and boots..  Will post pic in the later part of the week!

QOTD: Where do you purchase your running gear and how do you wash it? 


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. said...

I've never read the instructions and have always washed my wicking clothes with all my other stuff. Oops.

Sarah said...

I wonder if it really makes a difference? Or is it a way for running companies to make special detergent??? Have you noticed a difference in your clothing???

Mrs. Eccles said...

I wash my running clothes with the rest of my laundry--same detergent, cold-cold. But I always hang them to dry.

long island linen said...

I purchase mine from retail stores and wash them using mild detergent and fabric conditioner. Meanwhile, I use washing machine able to wash gently.