Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh, a Michigan snow...

On my Wed run... the weather was in the fifties.. 
It was sunny, beautiful and felt like spring. I was able to run 2.5 miles in 28 minutes and I was happy with my time. 11 minute mile... that is fine with me... I don't need to be the fastest on the block, but I am happy with a 11 mile minute pace.


This morning, I woke up to run my first long run for Riverbank! I am training for the 25k, which I have done previously 3x. Running 15.5 miles is the farthest I have ever run and I have high hopes/ dreams of running the Disney Marathon next January. Every year I set out to run it and every year I get injured, have medical issues or cannot train to run the Disney Marathon.. Maybe this year, things will be different...

My first long run consisted of 3 miles. Don't kid yourself, it wasn't easy, especially with six inches of snow shoveled in certain areas.  Normally a three mile run would be a piece of cake, but not in these kind of conditions.

 Although the snow is beautiful..
It is so hard to run in and I dont have Yacktracks.... UGH....

I stuck out my run, slipped all over the place and it took 48 minutes.. YUCK! I wish people would shovel their sidewalks! Many of the roads I run, are main roads, which is purposeful, so people are always around and watching, but one cannot run on these roads without the opportunity of becoming road kill, so I don't run on the roads. It is not safe, especially with the high speed limit. Dear sidewalk owners, please shovel your sidewalks, so runners don't injurer themselves! 

I am thankful and grateful to have completed 3 miles! This continues to be a feat for me.. I loved this quote and it made me feel good about my 3 mile run, despite my terrible time..



mindy @ just a one girl revolution. said...

Just found your blog! Another Michigander here - I'm doing the RBR 25K as well! :)

Sarah said...

I was just on your blog and love it!! I am glad to hear you are doing RVR too.. Maybe we could meet up sometime!