Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Weekend Routine

The new weekend routine goes a little something like this...

Friday night: Check to see if Ipod is charged.
Check the weather for Saturday Morning.
Make a tentative running plan.
 Round up running gear.
Get anxiety.
Pump in the carbs.
Hydrate properly.

Saturday Morning:
Wake up, brush teeth, throw on running gear!
Check to make sure if snow is an issue.
Throw on yacktracks.
Bundle up.
Throw on the ipod.
Hit {start} on the watch.
Run like a mad woman because it is cold in Michigan!
Get crazy looks by drivers for running in ice, snow and freezing conditions.
Get home, throw off the clothes, jump into a shower.
Throw on comfy clothes, eat breakfast.
Write down mileage/minutes for the long run.
Go the store, banking, errands.
Take a Saturday Nap.
Catch up on a magazine or book.
Eat dinner.
Watch a movie or Season of Friends.
Go to bed.

Go to church.
Make lunch after church.
Blog post.
Pay bills, get caught up on calendar events.
Start laundry.
Do three loads: Whites, colors and running gear.
While laundry is going, clean apartment, clean email inboxes.
Catch up on the phone with friends and family.
Send out emails.
Make dinner.
Prepare for Monday
Make lunch for school.
Read Bible
Watch tv.
Go to bed.

I love my Saturday routine. I cannot wait for my next long run!

QOTD: What is your favorite weekend routine?

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Clint said...

No Saturday is complete without a couple episodes of Friends.

Sarah said...

I just became a "Friends" addict.. We are on Season 3. I never really watched "Friends" until Christmas and now I am hooked!