Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Loose Diamond

If you have read my previous post, you know that a diamond was loose in my wedding/engagement ring. I never got a wedding band because we could not really afford one at the time, especially with all the medical expense that happened after we got married. I still do not have a wedding band, so when my engagement ring had to be sent to the company, my finger was bare.
I was pretty emotional about the whole event, as I imagine any woman would be. Drew being the sweet guy he is, has his own plans in making the situation better. He told me he had to make a trip to Meijer (our local grocery store), which he did, but he made a secret visit to Kohls too.. While at Kohl's he picked out a ring and surprise me at home with it.

Drew has good taste, which comes as no surprise if you have seen my engagement ring. The ring is very artsy and fun. I just love it! What is even a bigger surprise is the fact he was able to get it in a size 5. My engagement ring is a custom size, so it can be hard to find rings to fit my fingers.

Great job Drew. The waiting for diamond ring won't be so difficult now..


Unknown said...

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Andrew Storm said...

Anything for my bride.