Saturday, January 21, 2012

A look back on the journey

I decided to take a look back at my weight loss journey..

As a teenager, I was pretty heavy. I was a size 13, on the brink of moving to a size 15.  Hormones, working and not understanding healthy eating or being conscious of my weight, I would eat whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted.

During my first semester at college, I  gained the {dreaded} freshman 15! The options of cookies, icecream, late night snacks and cougar den fried food options continued to propel me the heaviest weight I had ever been {186, Size 15}

I continued to gain.... 

and gain...

I decided something needed to be done..

I ran my first 5k in the spring, but this was just as digital cameras were starting to become popular, so I do not have digital pictures. I have a couple from a film camera, but they are in a scrapbook.. I decided to do another 5k that fall... 

Which led me to running...

My first River Bank Run 2006 (15.5 miles of grueling pavement)

I thought I was going to [die]... The most challenging thing I have ever done...
Dad's first RBR too.. We did it together! We had ran a couple of 5k's together in hopes of getting in shape, but we never anticipated running 15.5 miles. This led me to dropping a pant size... Back to size 13... (cheer)

Then I completed another 5k in the fall, for breast cancer..

Then another Riverbank Run in 2008 {15.5 miles}

This training and healthy eating led me to drop down to size 12.  I continued to still feel very heavy and bloated, but kept trying to move forward...  As I continued college, running  continued to be a passion and a way to ward off stress. I graduated in the spring of 2008 and decided to pursue my Masters Degree in Social work...

While starting my Masters Degree, stress continued to be an issue with work and taking classes, and I continued to eat unhealthy.

 I trained for another Riverbank run in 2009.... {15.5miles}

This led to dropping to a size 10.. Yah!!!  I still felt heavy and kept at it... Finished my Masters Degree in 2010!
I started training for 2011 River Bank, but had some injuries and lots of medical limitations, so I was unable to complete my training... I had high hopes of doing a marathon, but God has different plans for me.. This led me to starting Weight Watchers in the  Spring of 2011...

 Since than, I have kept off 15 pounds.. Can now fit between an 8 & 10.. Hoping to drop permanently to a size 8.. [ hate that some stores it can be a size 8 and others a 10].   

I believe it is important to look back, so one can propel forward. I hope to continue to move forward on my weight loss journey, but nothing would be possible without my family, husband, faith and determination to get back out there for 2012!

I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize. Philippians 3:13

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Krystle said...

Okay, my turn: :)
I'm 5'8 with long legs...
140-150 in high school (Volleyball player, so it was all muscle.
Shoulder surgery in Spring 2002, which led to me going from super active to doing nothing and I jumped to 160.
I remained there until just before my wedding in May 2003 (maybe going up or down 10-15lbs) but was definitely a 163ish size 12-14 on my wedding day.

After gaining more after just getting married, we got serious. Gym/diet etc. Over the course of a year or so I dropped to 129. I was obsessed. A bad obsessed. I wasn't not eating, but I was consumed with everything to do with my body. Not good.
I struggled with IBS (brought on by my unhappy job situation)and had to change my diet....I settled at a 145 when I got pregnant with Jack!
I gained a lot with him....then lost quite a bit after having him...only to gain it back and then some after the stress of the first 3 months. I had jumped up to 198!!!! I did a weird and expensive diet for 30 days and dropped to 175.
Then up another 10lbs....then got pregnant and miscarried...up some more.
Then got pregnant with the twins!
I think I was around 198....barfed for 3 plus months....and in the end only gained 25lbs with them.
Lost a lot...gained it back with stress.
Started weight watchers at 211. Dropped to 187 before Disneyland/sister's wedding/Christmas and am now at 191 and trying to get back to what I believe is a good weight for me 145-150....but trying to be realistic that 160 may be more appropriate for me now (and that is a healthy BMI)

So...there you have it. You know more than my family and friends LOL!!!

I hope running can really spur on the weight loss coupled with my Weight Watchers...I'm hoping to lose an average of 2lbs a week.