Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let the race begin

Ever since my bout with seizures, I have not been able to run on a regular basis. Actually, for a while, I stopped running all together, but this week I ran 1 mile! Now you might think that seems easy, but when your bodies electrical system decides to shut down, it completely changes ones brain/body chemistry.

These seizures have affected a lot of areas in my body, but especially the brain. I have a difficult time remembering events, things, places, ect.  The type of seizures I have are called partial complex!  . 
I take medication for these seizures and the cause is still yet unknown, although I believe has everything to do with hormones. I will not let this hold me back from life, nor will I be fearful of them.

What a victory, to run 1 mile!  I cannot wait to be able to get out and run more!
Praise Jesus, for prayers answered! 

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