Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healing is one step towards victory

I've debated back and forth in my head about what I would post for today. Blog posts come easier some days than others. Some posts force me to be honest with myself, while others allow me to be creative. This post is for me.

Yesterday, I ran 4.5 miles and I could care less about my time. What people don't understand is that every mile is a victory. Every time I complete a training run, I feel one step closer to being seizure free. Running never used to be a big deal for me, but now, it feels like a mile stone.

Epilepsy is a physical, functional problem that occurs in the brain.  An epileptic seizure is an unprovoked and unpredictable interruption of a person's daily life. I don't like how Epileptics are stereotyped for being "crazy or possessed." Their is such a stigma today among the work force for people with Epilepsy. Although people are becoming educated about this neurological disorder, it continues to be something that isn't talked about. Personally, I have been in denial and have questioned so many things about being diagnosed with it. I continue to search for answers because cannot understand how an adult can have an onset of seizures.

Anyways, after my run, I got a very bad migraine, (which didn't use to happen until I started having seizures) which led me to giving myself an air shot in order to reduce the pain. I continue to believe God's healing over my body.

February 1st, will mark six months of being seizure free! A part of me believes I am healed and another part of me has a huge fear that, the seizures aren't over. Could the seizures be done? I hope so. 


The one thing I know for sure.. Running has everything to do with will power and it continues to give me hope that my body is healing.

Next week, I have a running giveaway, so stay tune!


Britt said...

Yeah 6 months!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for love Britt!