Friday, December 30, 2011

Without a Ring

I don't know where to begin with this blog post, so I will start from the beginning. When Drew proposed to me, he picked out such a beautiful ring. It is perfect. It is a wide band, diamonds on the side and is a princess cut with 4 diamonds in the middle. Well, my current ring is #3. My first ring got a crack on the diamond, my second ring did not even look like my first ring and my third ring has been great EXCEPT for when I took it in TODAY for it's SIX month appointment.
A diamond is very LOOSE... With the setting, they have to send the ring back to the VENDOR, which means lots of $$$ out the door to get fixed.. They might not even be able to tighten it because of the setting... UGH.... I was very emotional. It's just a ring and I know that. .It is a thing, but one of the most special things I have, not because it has diamonds, but because it has commitment attached to it. Now, I will wait for two weeks before I hear if can be fixed and the damage. For now, my finger is bare. I pray that God will give me peace about this because currently I am very ANGRY about it.


Andrew Storm said...

Stupid Fred Meyer... we'll get your ring back if it's the last thing I do.

Britt said...

oooh dear! Your ring is a very important thing!

Krystle said...

So, my first engagement ring was gorgeous. A week after it arrived it went to get cleaned at a reputable jeweler in town. After 30 minutes, I went to get it...and there was a chip out of it!
They denied it. We had to file a claim.....our insurance replaced it with a similar stone in cut/clarity etc and just slightly bigger...but then booted us off our insurance. They basically said, we don't really believe it wasn't like this before, but it was covered so we replaced it and now bye bye. Thankfully the ring was all the same after...but gosh, I so know the emotion that goes with this!