Sunday, December 4, 2011

Storm's 90 Day Challenge, DVD style

As you know, I have been trying to lose weight or actually, change my life with healthier alternatives and that is the biggest thing I have been learning about from Amy and Phil Parham.

Losing weight cannot just be a fad diet, but a lifestyle change and one that requires an individual to make healthy choices daily.  I have had the blessing to review the DVD set while reading the 90- Day challenge book, which I highly recommend!

The DVD set includes twelve 15 minute sessions, a leaders guide and compliments the 90 day Fitness Challenge Devotional/ Book. 
Each week, you are to watch a session, review, reflect and write in your journal. I have been carrying my 90-day Fitness Challenge book with me, it is in rough shape with all the highlighting, writing and creases in the cover, but it is working.. 

I have lost 4pds! 

Each DVD session contains a little chat from Phil and Amy. Sometimes they are together speaking, sometimes it's Phil talking or Amy, but both individuals offer advice on how to live a Godly Healthy Lifestyle. Some sessions you are learning about diet, other sessions about exercise, but above all, how to have a complete healthier life style. I love Amy and Phil's approach, it is very well rounded and I believe that is why they have been so successful at keeping the weight off. Each session is empowering, inspiring and realistic! 

To learn more about the 90 day Challenge, you can watch this clip!
Thank you Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review the 90- Day fitness Challenge! I hope to achieve my weight loss goals in order to become a healthier individual.

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