Friday, December 23, 2011

Spending some Holiday Cheer with the Simmons

 As tradition serves, we go up to Cadillac every year to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Simmons. We always have so much fun. Grandma has a tradition of making all kinds of Christmas cookies, which are located in various snowman cookie jars. Literally, her cookie jars take up an entire counter.. It is a bit insane if you ask me, but I love the cookies :)

The kids always get their picture together.. It is a tradition... Glad I'm not in it :)

I was very excited that Grandma searched and found me Doogie Howser.. It made my entire day.. Kelsey, remember Doogie??? I am so excited to watch Season 1 and Season 2...

Grandma and Grandpa also bought us a Garmin. We have been wanting one for years, but have never been able to purchase one. .This was the perfect gift. A lot of people give us CRAP for not having fancy phones with GPS systems, but we feel like these expensive phone plans are a waste of money... So excited to use this for a ROAD TRIP in the VIBE!

Grandpa made me this cute reindeer candy dish! I love it! It so cute! He cut and carved it out of wood and then painted it.. He is amazing! He loves to tinker in his wood shop! I will treasure this forever!

Grandpa and Grandpa Simmons opening our Christmas gift- A family picture from our Wedding!!! 

I love spending the holidays with family and friends near and far! I love the small traditions and I love going to Cadillac for a day of relaxation! 

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