Thursday, December 29, 2011


I love putting scrapbooks together. It makes me feel like my life is preserved in someway for the future. I have been working on my wedding scrapbook and it has been stressing me out. I am putting way to much pressure on the fact that I want it to be perfect. Instead, I probably should be concerned about getting it done, but the perfectionist in me wants it to look really classy and elegant. 

I need to get this done, especially over my Christmas Break... So far, I have gotten ZERO pages done... This is going to be a long weekend...

I was checking out my Facebook time line today and I had forgotten on the morning of our wedding, I ran 8 miles... That is something I cannot wait to journal about.. Something that makes my wedding morning unique. I will always forever be a runner whether I actually run another race or not, I will always be a runner..The heart is where it's all at... It is the wellspring of life..

I need some scrapbook motivation people! 

How do you preserve your family memories?


Andrew Storm said...

Your scrapbooks are so creative. I know we'll both look back on them in 50 years and still be able to relive the memories. Thanks for doing them.

Britt said...

How are you doing with the scrapping?

Sarah said...

I am doing well! During my time off, I was able to accomplish 20 pages!! I was pretty excited!! I keep scrapping at night too.. So fun.. Have you been scrapping lately?