Thursday, December 29, 2011

Running with Joy

As a runner, I truly enjoyed the account of Ryan Hall's 14 week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon in his book Running with Joy. Ryan is  an inspirational man who like any other runner deals with sickness, bad weather, set backs, disappointment, emotional roller coasters and injuries. In Running with Joy, Ryan takes the reader along side him through the good and bad as he prepares for 26.2 miles of JOY!

Ryan is a Christian which takes the reader on a spiritual journey through his running. I like the writing of this book. Each page is almost of journal/diary format where Ryan highlights his mileage, workouts, weather, body aches, and tips on how to become a better runner. It is almost very intimate, I don't know other runners who offer such details of their marathon journeys.  

He offers a different perspective on running that most runners cannot express. I love this book, especially since I am a runner and a Christian. He really inspired me to get back on my running journey, especially after my body has changed due to the Epilepsy. He has motivated me into wanting to start small and watch God do something big in me. I recommend this book to a marathon runner or the one wants to run a 5k either way, this book will inspire you.
To find out more about Ryan, go here.
You can download Chapter 1 here!

Big thanks to Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this awesome book! 


Unknown said...

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Kelly said...

Thank you for the book recommendation. Anyone who loves running, reading, and Jesus has credibility to me!

Andrew Storm said...

Oh jeeze... am I really going to commit to doing the 5/3 RiverBank Run?